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Aruba 7210 VAP configuration issues.

Newbie... I am using a 7210 controller with AP215s and AP225s. I have have created a new VAP with the proper Vlan, AAA and SSID profiles association. At least it appears. I've added this new VAP to one of my pre-existing AP Groups and it works ok with some wifi devices and not so much with others. Ran some checks on one of the non connecting device and I found out that it is getting a proper IP from our external DHCP server (as do the devices that work) and I can even ping the google web site. Problem occurs when I try to access any web sites via IE, Firefox and Chrome and it prompts me with This Site Cant Be Reached.


I've seen this issue last year but I can't remember what the fix was.


Any info would be appreciated.




Re: Aruba 7210 VAP configuration issues.

Do the DNS resolution works fine on non-working client ? May we know the default-gateway for the client ? what happens when we directly put in the public ip address of the website instead of domain name?


What happens if we try the same client on the different VLAN or have a PC connected wired to the contorller to see how it goes. Above things will eliminate the issue or will lead us to proceed in the right direction. 

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Re: Aruba 7210 VAP configuration issues.

Thanks for the response.

I've tried out a non-connecting device once again this morning and it works fine.

My other remaining issue is I have this newly created VAP that works fine under one AP Group but not under another.

Example: Created ABC-vap_prof and it has the proper ABC-aaa.prof, ABC-ssid-prof and associated vlan 123. This VAP was added to AP Group Building 1 and it works ok. I added this same VAP to AP Group Building 2 and it does show up on the VAP list but when I go to the second building I don't see it on my laptops ssid list.


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Re: Aruba 7210 VAP configuration issues.

Are both AP groups part of same controller? Do check any errors in show profile-errors.
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