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Aruba 7210 copying flash using SCP


I am trying to copy all of my configs from my Aruba devices. To do this I log in and do a "backup flash" then initiate a file transfer using "copy flash". This works perfectly for my mobility switches, but the controllers are disagreeing with the process. The seem to start transferring and then I get the message "error copying file:" which I would expect to say the file it had an error copying, but it's blank.


This is copying to a Ubuntu 12.04 Linux server.  Below is what I type and recieve. Any direction would be appreciated. 


(Aruba7210) #backup flash
Please wait while we tar relevant files from flash...
Please wait while we compress the tar file...
File flashbackup.tar.gz created successfully on flash.
Please copy it out of the switch and delete it when done.

(Aruba7210) #copy flash: flashbackup.tar.gz scp: network Aruba7210.tar.gz

Secure file copy:................................................................
Error copying file:

(Aruba7210) #



Re: Aruba 7210 copying flash using SCP

Strange.  That would normally happen if it was unreachable or something.


Try this command, then try again.


delete ssh-host-addr


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Re: Aruba 7210 copying flash using SCP

I wish I could give you all the credit. However, deleting the ssh-host did not change anything.


LUCKILY, it for some reason made my brain click and wonder if my Firewall was blocking it. I logged in to my firewall and saw no traffic between the controller and the server. Realized I didn't have a rule to allow traffic on port 22 between them. 


ICMP was allowed, but SSH was not. Which explains why I could ping, but not much else. A quick policy change and I am in business. 



So in the long run, thanks for jogging my brain in the right direction!

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