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Aruba apple iOS connection disconnects

I have recently upgraded from 6.5 to on our 7205 Controller. We have a mix of about 75 total 315s, 305s, 225s, 205s, and a few 105s. I've been having consistant issues with iOS devices (iphones + ipads) requring the wifi to be turned off and back on to properly assosicate to our wireless network.


I did not have this issue on 6.5 and I was just wanting to confirm that it is a known bug. If so are there any known work arounds?


Relevant information: 802.1X + 802.11r + 802.11k + OKC is configured.

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Re: Aruba apple iOS connection disconnects

IOS devices do not support OKC. Did you have 802.11r and K enabled before the upgrade? What kind of access points?

UPDATE 6/2018 -  The updated RF and Roaming Optimization Validated Reference Design Guide (VRD) has been published and has updated recommendations about enabling 802.11v, k and r in user networks.  The VRD can be found here: http://community.arubanetworks.com/t5/Validated-Reference-Design/RF-and-Roaming-Optimization-for-Aruba-802-11ac-Networks/ta-p/432994

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Re: Aruba apple iOS connection disconnects

I did have R and K enabled before the upgrade - I'm not sure if OKC was 'defaulted' to on after the upgrade or if it was enabled prior to the upgrade. Access points include a mix of 315s, 305s, 225s, 205s, and 105s. (Almost fully migrated off the 105s to 315s). I'll go ahead and disable OKC on our primary SSID (we have a total of 3 SSIDs) and see if that helps any.

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