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Aruba 93H, Wired Ports & Bridging

Hi everyone,


I have a scenario I’m experimenting with and am looking for assistance..  We are setting up an AP-93H at a remote school that has its own local LANs.  The 93H will sit on the schools LAN, but will tunnel back to a master controller at our head office.  All of the SSIDs are tunneling back and pulling IP addresses off of networks located at the head office, which is working fine.


What we want to do is bridge the wired traffic so that clients plugging into the 93H receive an IP address from the local school LAN, the same one the AP is on, not tunnel back to the master controller.


I tried to do this by changing the “Wired AP profile” forward mode from tunnel to bridge, but it’s not working.  I have done a similar thing in the past with a Mesh network at a school, but the school had its own local controller so everything was sitting the same LAN.


Will this work with having the controller on a different network entirely?


Any help is greatly appreciated thanks!

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Re: Aruba 93H, Wired Ports & Bridging

- Check the switchport mode on the device connected to the APs. Is it trunk or access. for different VLAN you have to set it as trunk.

- What VLAN did your remote LAN has? Does controller has these vlan. (it has to)

- Did you define the VLAN on the role that you apply to the Wired Profile to the VLAN existing on the Remote LAN?




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