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Aruba AP 225 Config Without Access

I took over as sys admin at my company. The previous admin failed to log any passwords as well as backup the configs to the aps.


Ive tried to recover the password but they are too new in firmware. I got on the phone with hp/aruba and they remoted in and tried everything to reset the password as well.


So heres my question. Is there a way to backup the config on the controllerwithout having a login?


Otherwise Im going to have to wipe and reset this master. The problem with this tho is it also is the master for 2 other locations with 20 aps as well. I was able to get into those aps however and backup the configs on those sites. 

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Re: Aruba AP 225 Config Without Access

Is this controller or IAP?



Marcus Wehmeyer

Re: Aruba AP 225 Config Without Access

you need to log in the controller to backup.


Anyways if you need to do a password recovery on the controlller which is a physical controller




If you got a cluster instant

As far i know the recovery process was disabled for some reason...

and you need to whipe out the config...

I remenber i read about that.. and i found that thread here





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