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Aruba AP-325 with Extreme K series Switches?

Hello - anyone else using Aruba AP-325 APs with Extreme (Enterasys) K series switches? Having issues with POE - the APs only sense 802.3af while the switch ports are set to deliver 802.3at (tried auto and manual port configs). Hoping someone else is using similar setup.


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Re: Aruba AP-325 with Extreme K series Switches?

Do you have LLDP enabled on those switchport? That is how the signaling for high powered POE is negotiated.

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Re: Aruba AP-325 with Extreme K series Switches?

Yes LLDP is enabled on the ports, and it appears the LLDP negotiation is not working properly (AP says it negotiatied 0.0W and switch port says the requested wattage is 0). So trying to figure out which end is having the issue, the AP or switch. Also seeing differences in the Operational State and Current Hardware State as far as power on the AP depending on what switch we connect to or if we use a mid-span injector. Packet captures are next to see if we can pin-point the LLDP communications, was hoping someone else has been down this road.

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Re: Aruba AP-325 with Extreme K series Switches?

For anyone else who may run Extreme K or S series switches with Aruba AP-325 APs, I found the following commands must be run to get the APs to come up to 802.3at power levels:


set port inlinepower *.*.* powerlimit 34000 capability 8023at

set lldp port tx-tlv poe *.*.*


Looks like by default the Extreme switches are set for af power per port

Hope this saves someone else a bit of time and effort when deploying APs



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