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Aruba AP-505 - 13 Devices Using Master VC. Need simple WLAN setup instructions.

I'm struggling with properly setting 13 of the Aruba AP 505 models across different locations within my company.


The good news is that I have two SSIDs up and running now using NAT.  However, they aren't setup in accordance with what management wants.


The requirements are fairly simple.  A Production SSID (Vlan 50) and a Guest SSID (Vlan 5).  Production will have full access to the entire network and Guest will only have internet access.  We do not use DHCP on our network so the Virtual Controller will need to provide addresses to all WiFi users.  We also have a data Vlan, voice and management Vlan on the wired network.  It may also be worth mentioning that our company offices are connected with a Layer 2 Metro Ethernet connection consisting of Aruba switches throughout the organization.


My working configuration now has the Virtual Controller running both Networks as "Virtual Controller Managed" and Client Vlan Assignment is "Default.  I understand that this configuration is natting the traffic at the AP.  I'm controlling the Guest network with access rules denying traffic to the production networks.


It will be fine to leave the Guest WiFi as natted through the Virtual Controller and forget about Vlan 5, but I need help with getting Production WiFi traffic onto Vlan 50 & allowing the VC to run DHCP.


I've tagged all ports that have an AP connected with Vlan 50 in the switches and tried setting the Virtual Controller DHCP to either Local or Local 2.  These same ports have the data network untagged as well. However, only the AP acting as the Virtual Controller could get internet access.  I was able to get other remotely connected APs to pickup DHCP addresses, but they could never get out to the internet. 


The DHCP scope that I would like to use for Production WiFi on Vlan 50 is


It may help to know that we have a Aruba Switch in the core of the network with all Metro Ethernet switches connected to it.  And we use a Cisco Router on a Stick in conjunction with this.


I believe that I'm missing a key integration with either network routing or how the DHCP gateway needs to be setup.


I appreciate any guidance that you can give.  I come from a Cisco background & it has been fun learning Arubas!

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