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Aruba AP105 configuration

I have an Aruba 650 controller and am connecting AP105s to it with AirWave/Activate.  I'm currently troubleshooting routing issues i'm having.


When logged into the AP CLI - running the command 'show datapath route' displays what I call 2 routing tables.  I'm guessing one is for the virtual controller and the other is for the AP and associated clients?  ANyways  - my show datapath route has a default route that uses a gateway that is not correct.  I also somehow have a route for using a correct gateway.  So I can access cnn.com for example because it pings to 199.x.x.x but google is 74.x.x.x so I cannot access this.  The google would fall under the default route statement and cnn would fall under the route statement.


My question is how do I make changes to the routing table on the AP that the associated clients use?  The routing statement is using my firewall as the default route which I want the to use.  Its as if I have a tunneling issue but Im not sure where the route even came from - where is this defined?  How can I change this routing table? 


On a side note - on the GUI of the AP I can click configuration / VPN / Routing Tab and see a totally different routing table than the two in the APs CLI 'show datapath route'


Any help is appreciated.




Re: Aruba AP105 configuration


i hope i understood you right :smileyvery-happy: you have iAP-105 connected with vpn to A650 controller right? :smileysurprised:





if so please read bellow info:







please download and read the following pdf: (please read page 3)





I also attached the userguide for u the read the need info (start from 243)


let me know if it gave u some idea





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Re: Aruba AP105 configuration

Thanks for the response.  Aruba support has notified me that we have a bug and I am awaiting a patch release expected next week sometime.


From my iAP - 'show datapath route' - I do not see my default route statement correctly.  This is the issue.  I have manually created routes. - gateway / gateway / gateway - etc.

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