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Aruba AP365 problem

Hello community,


I have Deployed an Aruba AP365 Outdoor access points with controller 7210 AOS .

The APs are up but the user getting very low signal.

how can I check it's tx power and how can I raise its TX Power.


Thank you

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Re: Aruba AP365 problem

If you have ArubaOS 8.x deployed with an MM, the power ranges in the 802.11a and 802.11g radio profile are used to control the power.  If you do not have an MM, the power ranges in the ARM profile under the radio  profile are used the control the power.  Looking at the access points on the Dashboard should tell you the current transmit power.


Also how do you have the AP365 mounted?  How high and at what angle?  Your clients could be out of the coverage area of the access point.  The aP365 can send a signal pretty far outdoors if the client is in the coverage area, even at lower power...

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Re: Aruba AP365 problem

by default, ALL aps deploy with the same default max/min. I tend to recommend to START by raising the max/min value for outdoor APs by 6dB unless you have a small coverage area requirement or some other special circumstance. You CAN also just try to max it out completely if it's the only AP out there, or if the outdoor AP density is low. 

The reason is, in general (as there's always exceptions), we want the client to be happy, and a happy client has a strong SNR. So even if raising the AP power increases some of the ACI/CCI in multiple-outdoor-AP deployments, keeping the client deiver happy (aka NOT trying to roam) improves performance, even if the SNR drops a bit due to the higher noise floor.

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