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Aruba Captive Portal Issue

I encountered problem regarding Captive Portal page loops when "Logout popup window" is enabled in the controller.

Scenario: (with log out popup window is enabled on aruba controller)

1. I connect to an SSID with Captive Portal Authentication is configured.
2. Google Chrome Browser popup for the username and password(Captive Portal).
3. I input the login credentials then click login.
4. The captive portal did'nt go to redirection page  instead it loops and prompts again to the captive portal page.
5. The result is the mobile device did not successfully connect to the network.

However, when I untick the "logout popup window" in the controller, the user can successfully authenticate in the captive portal.

What is the main reason for this? I want a log out window enabled so that the users can logout into the SSID.

Thanks for your help!

Re: Aruba Captive Portal Issue

Go to Configuration>Auth>L3 profile>Captive portal profile (choose the one u are working with) - and be sure the choose the right user role (not a user role with captive) - for example : guest.


if u choose the inital role that the captive giving to your users as the same role that showing them the captive = LOOP.


here is an exmaple.


here is a user role with captive configured in it: (example)




and here is the captive profile - with the right role to give to users after they entering good user&password: (l3 profile>captive example)



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