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Aruba Central and MAC Caching problem

Hi experts,


I have a client with a cluster of Instant APs and Aruba Central, and he's experiencing the following problem. He has enabled the Aruba Central splash page for a guest network and has some visitor accounts created. The following image is a part of the configuration of the splash page:




The problem is when users leave the office for having lunch and go back, sometimes they need to reauthenticate again in the captive portal page, even when MAC caching is enabled as shown above. And sometimes they leave the office and go back, and they reconnect automatically without reauthenticating.


What could be the problem? They always should connect directly without reauthenticating, since MAC caching is enabled, and furthermore the session timeout is very high.

Thanks in advance.




Re: Aruba Central and MAC Caching problem

Hi guys,


Any tip? I think I need to configure nothing on the IAPs.




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