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Aruba ClearPass Guest (Changing the Guest Self-Registrations page)

Was wondering if it's possible to move the "Login" page before the "Register Page"? 

Currently, we have the following setup: 

* Guest connects to "guest" network

* Redirects to "Register Page" 

* On the "Register Page", the register form is available. Beneath it, is a link that has "Already have an account? Sign in here" with a link to the "Login" page. 


We have many customers with logins already and getting confused. They are putting their username and password in the register form. So we want to have the first landing page be the "Login" page with the login form asking for username/password. Also, underneath, have a link to the "Register Page" with a statement "Need an account? Click here". The link will then take them to the "Register Page", then the "Receipt Page", then the "Login" page one last time.

Does anyone know how to do this or know if it's possible?


****I was thinking of adding a second page with just the login form as the register page. Then linking it back to the original Guest Self-Registration page. But I dont' know how ClearPass would be choosing one page over another...not sure if there is some kind of designation for that****

Thanks for any help.

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Re: Aruba ClearPass Guest (Changing the Guest Self-Registrations page)

1.  Find out the URL to the link of the login page in ClearPass

2.  Go to the Aruba Controller, and in the Captive Portal Authentication Profile (configuration> security> Authentication> L3 Authentication> Captive Portal Authentication profile), change the "Login Page" parameter to the https URL for the login page in step 1.


Result, users should initially get the login page first...

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Re: Aruba ClearPass Guest (Changing the Guest Self-Registrations page)

Dude, you are a genious! Thanks! I haven't tried this out as I need to put in a change request, but I'll try it out soon. 


So, in theory, once I change that link, it will go directly to the Login page, which will have a link back to the registration page. So if a customer wants to login they can, but if they don't go back to the registration page?

ヘ( ^o^)ノ\(^_^ )


 Nice work! 

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Re: Aruba ClearPass Guest (Changing the Guest Self-Registrations page)

I've found it's easier to just create a splash page with two buttons, for example:


New visitors | Existing Employees


And you can link off to the respective pages there to avoid any confusion...

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Re: Aruba ClearPass Guest (Changing the Guest Self-Registrations page)

cjospeh's solution worked! Thanks for the help!!

And thanks for the other solution of putting two buttons on the same splash page. We actually had it that way, but sadly users were still confused.

The solution of changing the link in the controller L3 authentication to point to the Login page works best for us.

Thanks for everyone's help!
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