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Re: Aruba Contoller IP Change

ok, that's great and as I mentioned I will test and check the result.

Thank you for your support and I'll let you know the updates. 

Just one thing related to the ap system-profile in which it is configured as per the below :

ap system-profile "APSystem-XYZ"
lms-ip 10.Y.X.1
bkup-lms-ip 10.Y.X.4
ap-console-password @@@@@

bkup-passwords #######


The lms and bck lms IP which they match the controller-ip in both the controllers should be changed accordingly am I right? so what would be the effect on the AP knowing that the AP group for which the AP system-profile belongs was not changed as per the below :

ap-group "XYZ"
virtual-ap "ABC-vap_prof"
virtual-ap "ABC-MOBILE-vap_prof"
virtual-ap "ABC-GUEST-vap_prof"
ap-system-profile "APSystem-XYZ"


the only change is inside the ap system-profile. 


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