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Aruba Controller and I-AP205's and Secure Camera Server

I am really new at this so bear with me if im not clear about something dont hesitate to ask for clarification.

Ok so I recently got my 7030 controller set up and had 2 networks going a guest and a student/teacher network. As we used a filter that required a cert and a user and password I wanted to seperate the guest and reg network and put the user on nat and the guest on a public IP so I could give the group of public ip's to my filter company and get them set up for use with out the cert and user name and password. All taken care of. The issue I have is this.

So the user network is nat and when that was the only network I had, my administrators had no problem connecting to the camera server either through an app or through the web interface for using the cameras. The IP of the server is a routable IP 168.212..xxx.xxx. Since I used the Group of IPs from that same subnet for the guest network my adminis can no longer connect to the server from the nat provided address on their laptops. 

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