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Aruba Controller error

While iam checking client status from dashboard on aruba controller ,

i get this massage :4343 says :[aruba quary queue ] is full 

Can  any one explain what is this about , and how to fix it

Re: Aruba Controller error

Do you see that every time you connect using Chrome? What version of ArubaOS are you running? Chrome support is not introduced until ArubaOS 6.5.

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Re: Aruba Controller error

I've a question regarding the conversion from IAP aruba instant AP to be managed by a mobility controller ,

I've 10 IAP-207 APs running on aruba-os , i can manage them from a webpage through the ip of the master AP , automatically elected


The 10 APs are connected to Aruba/HP 2920 switch , each port of the switch which is connected to an AP is tagged in vlan 5 , 10 , these vlans are also created on the APs each vlan is for specific SSID wireless network .


And on the switch  each vlan has an uplink port "untagged" to the firewall lan ports .


Now i will deploy the "aruba controller 7010" to manage these APs , the question here is how the physical connection between the APs , the controller and  the switch be like ?

, also is there a software required for the controller or it will be managed through a webpage , and how i can

 create 2 wireless networks on the controller each with a separate  uplink to the firewall as each port of the 2 firewall lan ports is the DHCP server for each vlan,

 Also can i use the lan ports on the controller as uplinks to the firewall to avoid using the standard uplinks 1000base-x ports ?

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