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Aruba DAC-SFP-10GE.



Are there any HPE Aruba switches that compatible with Aruba Controller 7200 DAC-SFP-10GE and verified working?

I find in interopablity list it only supported on Aruba Switches only, not HPE Aruba. http://www.arubanetworks.com/support-services/interoperability/

But I find verified connectivity in the forum with HPE 5930's 40G QSFP to 10G.


So anyone has experience the connectivy with this cable?



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Re: Aruba DAC-SFP-10GE.

Hi St_0n3,

Both Comware and the new ArubaOS switch (former Provision) will work with most transceivers now. On the ArubaOS you have to enable unsupported transceiver mode first.

Good Luck,

Cheers, Frank
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Re: Aruba DAC-SFP-10GE.

Hi Frank,


Thanks for your information. Is there any documentation regarding this interopability?

I use iris software to build up materials, but it refuse the connection between mobility controller and switch using DAC. Just want to make sure that the interopability really works before we submit any proposal.



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Re: Aruba DAC-SFP-10GE.

I have a HP 2910al-48G switch with a J9008A module. I connected a HP J9283B SPF+DA3 cable to the module and our Aruba7205 but I didn't get a link.


Do I have to get an Aruba DAC-cable, and will that work on the switch-end?

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