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Aruba Firmware upgrades

Okay here is a question i got to everyone


how realiable have been aruba for you when you upgrading from totally different verion example:


Let say you were on version 5 and version 6 its just out


Do you upgrade it ? or do you wait till a some patches out?


Now my other quetion is about minor upgrades

for example

from 6.2.x.x to

Do you fee save  by upgrading it fro the 6.2.x.x(lastest patch) to a fresh minor upgrade that its just out like


How realible have been aruba with this withyou?


I ask this because ther eare other brands i manage(not wireless) in which you really have to wait you just can go like ohhh there is anew version  major or even minor  you upgrade it and its full of bugs and give you lot of trouble...


Since that i have been really careful about upgrading my WC or not just Aruba gear i mean anything...

For example

I got all my Controllers of my clients installed on but thats is.. i have not jump still to cause of what i explained up.


But i still would like to see opinions of other Aruba users or even Aruba experts.




Product Manager - Aruba Networks
Alternetworks Corp

Re: Aruba Firmware upgrades

I have done hundreds of upgrades through the years.    I am happy to report all have gone well (well being 95% or better of expected results), no major issues to note and done in 15 minutes or less in the 99th percentile of cases.  


Your best friend/ally in terms of a given upgrade are the release notes.  Be sure to read them...as they will call out specific steps or cautions when upgrading between versions.


In my opinion (15+ year IT mileage under my tires...)  Best practices should prevail for lowest risk, regardless of the Vendor, Device, or 'jump' in versions .   The practices, again from my playbook, being: 

a) Read release notes

b) Take a backup any time firmware is being updated (flash backup in the case of the Aruba controllers)

c) Do upgrades in maintenance window

d) Put the code on a lab box first and let it cook/bake  (if you can...)

e) Have a quick test plan to execute once the upgrade is done  (Are all -your- devices, all -your- SSIDs, all -your- locations back "up")


Re: Aruba Firmware upgrades


Well im happy to read that Aruba seems stable and its another history.. and thanks for posting your opinion.


I asked because like i said i had  a really bad experience with another vendor(non wireless product also)  with this kind of thing..

Some things stop working properly then you called the tac and the only asnwer from the tac was thatit was a bug and they were rushing to fix it in the next patch.

You could go back, in most of the cases to the old release, but in really specific cases youcouldnt because for example someone sold him something that just work with that new firmware.


More comments from other users are welcome



Product Manager - Aruba Networks
Alternetworks Corp
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