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Aruba IAP-135 can't



I was trying to connect an IAP-135 to Aruba controller with static IP address, but in different LAN segment than controller.

To do that i provisioned the AP that is initially on the same segment and change the parameters for IP address and gateway, and then rebooted the AP.


Unfortunately, that didn't work.

So, am I missing something?


Help would be appreciated




Re: Aruba IAP-135 can't

Can you give more info to understand what we are trying to achieve?

Are we trying to convert IAP to Campus AP? Is the AP pingable from controller? 

If you want to terminate the AP to and provision to  the contoller, we need to make sure AP is able to build GRE (protocol 47) and PAPI(UDP 8211) back to controller.

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Re: Aruba IAP-135 can't

I want to use my IAP-135 and controller on different LAN segment (172.16.0.xx and 192.168.0.xx), but with no DHCP. the AP must be able to use static IP address, as required by my employer.

Campus AP or RAP does not matter as long as it serve the purpose. What i've tried was using Campus AP.


Is the AP pingable? Yes, but it won't recognize the controller and remain in boot loop.


Can you elaborate on GRE and PAP?




Re: Aruba IAP-135 can't

Did you also set the controller IP address in the AP's configuration?  It will need to know how to get back to the controller and that is usually done by local-lan-discovery or by DNS resolution of "aruba-master" unless you've set the master IP in the configuration.


To operate the AP will connect to the controller and send all communication back to the controller over a GRE encapsulated tunnel, so the gateway on the 172 network will have to be willing to pass GRE to the 192 network (to the controller) so that the Wireless clients and the AP can operate.


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