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Aruba IAP IPSec VPN to a Controller



I want to set up a VPN connetion from an IAP to our Controller with IPSec.


I found some configuration examples for the IAP.

But I haven´t found anything how to set this up on our controller.

Have anybody an example configuration?


Have anybody an manual or something for this?


On our IAP is Verson:

On our Controller is software version:



Re: Aruba IAP IPSec VPN to a Controller

Attached the PDF u need to this post(read from page 290 it's telling what u should config in your controller)




Follow everything on that doc and you will be just fine.

*Just dont forget also to open ports in your FW that in front of the controller.


have a gr8 day.



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Re: Aruba IAP IPSec VPN to a Controller



I don´t get this work.

Have anybody a step by step manual to get this work?


What can I check?

Re: Aruba IAP IPSec VPN to a Controller

Which part was not working? Post any errors you have and maybe we can troubleshoot the issue :)

If my post addresses your query, give kudos:)
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