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Aruba IAP VC redundancy

Hi All,


I have just done a test on an environment with mixture of IAP 335 and 315 cluster that I have setup the VC on the IAP 335.


The VC is up and it is managing all the other AP but when i take out the IAP 335 the VC is going down along with it, I thought the VC will be failover to the next IAP 315 which is available? As it never get up after that till the IAP 335 get back up again.


Appreciate that some one can share with their experience on this situation how it is solved.


Best regards,

Darrow Ooi

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Re: Aruba IAP VC redundancy

Did you setup a Virtual ip address for the cluster?  If yes, that is the ip address that you should be managing it from...  Whatever IAP is the Virtual Controller master should assume this ip address upon failover.

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Re: Aruba IAP VC redundancy

Hi Colin,


I do setup a Virtual IP address, it just doesn't go on with what being describe by you.


When i remove the first AP that i assume the VC is in, the VC is unable to reach as well. Later on i power back up the AP, The AP automatically join into the cluster but it still the same result that the VC is unable to be reach or ping.


I just wonder is there could be any miss configured part?


Thank you

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