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Aruba Instant AP IPSEC tunnel

hello Airheads,

we have a customer with 6 x IAP505's in an Instant cluster (8.6 code).

They have been configured with a VPN tunnel configuration. terminating on an Aruba 7210 controller (running code).

The tunnel shows as up on the CLI of the Instant ("show vpn status")but doesn't appear on the controller when i type in "show iap table".

I have whitelisted the MAC's of the Instants etc. so not sure what's going on. Any ideas?


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Re: Aruba Instant AP IPSEC tunnel

From the information you shared, it seems your controller is at code. 

Do we have vpdn pool configured on the controller?

Is there any specific reason the controller is at Aruba OS

Is there any possibility to upgrade the controller to Aruba OS 8.6 code ?


If it's your test setup, please upgrade the controller to 8.6 and test it.

I have seen similar behavior but once after the upgrade of controller issue gets fixed.


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