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Aruba Instant and Destination-nat rule with Aruba GRE

Hi all,


I've deployed an Aruba Instant 205 (version with the Aruba GRE tunnel up and running with a mobility controller 7030 (version and a centralized DHCP scope level 2 for the correct vlan that goes into the tunnel.


When I connect a client to the SSID, it's able to get the correct IP addres from the DHCP server placed on the remote location with the google DNS, in order to make the client to being redirected to the Clearpass captive portal, I need to make a destination nat from to my internal DNS server.


I don't know why, but the destination-nat rule is not working and I'm not able to resolve the Clearpass DNS name.


Do you know if the destination-nat request goes into the tunnel or it's redirected from the AP routing table?


Thank you in advance.




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