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Aruba MESH vs. Meraki opinions...

I am curious and would like some others opinions. I don't have much experience with Aruba MESH but I do have extensive experience with Meraki from prior employment. I have always kind of viewed Meraki as the masters of mesh, and if you are familiar with them you know why. I really haven't had the need to deploy Aruba MESH but have been through the labs and whatnot and I do like it.


What I am curious about is this: now that Cisco is acquiring Meraki - http://techcrunch.com/2012/11/18/cisco-acquires-enterprise-wi-fi-startup-meraki-for-1-2-billion-in-cash/ - what is Aruba going to do?


Don't get me wrong as I am not knocking Aruba, I like it enough that I got my ACMA and ACMP. It's just that this acquisition is a big deal as Meraki knows how to do cloud based management right. Now Cisco will have that in it's back pocket.


Looking forward to others thoughts!

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Re: Aruba MESH vs. Meraki opinions...

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