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Aruba Networks 650-us Mobility Controller



I`m a photographer, seeking information on the best option to extend my wireless shooting capabilites with my DSLR camera while on location shooting motorcross sports. I bought the Aruba 275 access point, I would like to hook up the AP to a controller? I was considering the Aruba Network 650-US (if its too old please let me know), The AP will be connected to a MAC-mini via ethernet, considering I only have one ethernet port on the MAC-mini thats why I opted for the controller to extend it and give more ports if need be, if theres a better solution please let me know.


Also, I would like the AP to run exclusively on 5G when using the DSLR camera to transfer the files to my computer the files are rather Large about 23-35MG each, also my camera shoots 14-16 frames per second.



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