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Re: Aruba OS 8.2 - IP conflict on

@jgoff wrote:

@Bobberson wrote:

Has this issue been fixed in  Have been waiting patiently for over 10 months...

The fix of 169151 to date has not been requested for back prop to 8.2.2.x, I'll file a request for which is due mid January 2019 but I cannot control if it will be accepted or not as fixes in 8.2.2.x are being considered case by case now.


In the short term you would have to consider either disabling openflow or moving to



Thanks jgoff for requesting it. That's very unfortunate as this defect was seen in the Conservative Relesae 8.2.X.X train and was brought up again in my TAC Case back in August. I'll have to follow-up with our reps about that.

Re: Aruba OS 8.2 - IP conflict on

Our Aruba representatives looked further into this for us. They've informed us that the patch will be included in the release (they consulted with PLM and engineering). Unfortunately they're not sure why none of the TACs put in the request for back-port.

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