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Aruba OS - problem self-signed cert for CPsec, AP 303 as Campus


We have installed virtual controller with soft and campus AP 303.

We have problem with connecting AP to VMC with CPSec. We can provision APs and then they are rebooting twice and after that there is an error in Logs and this process starts once more i loop and so on.


In logs we have:

Rebooting: Unable to set up IPSec tunnel to saved lms, Error:RC_ERROR_ISAKMP_N_CERT_SELFSIGNED_VERIFY_FAILED

 When we turn off CPSec Everything is ok - APs starts and join controller normally.


Someone has similar problem ? Any help will be very appreciated. 


I have tried to genertae new self-sined cert, but without effect. I have also tried to change whitelist-db cert state - the same. 

APs and controler are in the same vlan - directly connected.


best regards






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