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Aruba OS 8 with 2 Clearpass subscriber



I need some advice on clearpass deployment using Aruba OS 8


I have an existing site with total auth endpoints around 8k, where we already allocate two subscriber 5k for radius servers


I am thinking about how to use two clearpass subs at the same time when we have two active-active controllers. 


I am thinking about three possibilities :


1. Using VRRP in active-active. so each controller will be configured independently to different subs server.

So controller1 will use radius 1 as main, and radius 2 as backup radius, and the controller2 will be configured otherwise (radius 2 as main radius)


2. Using Active/standby LMS. each controller will be configured independenty just like option 1


3. Deploy the two controller in one OS8 cluster.


Question 1 : is option 1 and 2 is possible in OS 8?

Question 2 : Is there is a way to configure the controller cluster to do pointitng to two clearpass subs just like option 2?


thanks for any reply






Re: Aruba OS 8 with 2 Clearpass subscriber

You can configure the controller to load balance RADIUS traffic across the two ClearPass servers based on the Server Group and AAA Profile assigned under the Virtual-AP
Do you have your controllers in L-2 clustered?

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Thank you

Victor Fabian
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Re: Aruba OS 8 with 2 Clearpass subscriber

Hi victor





How to configure the server group to load balance the radius traffic across the two clearpasss subscriber? by assigning them into the same ordered list? is that possible


the controllers are via L2 cluster




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