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Aruba OS QoS - QoS trust mode

When applying the command "qos type-of-service diff-services", is it still required to trust DSCP?


If this command will enable DSCP-MAP, is'nt this enough to apply QoS based on DSCP values received in packets and trusting this values?


if applying the command "qos trust" is required, what is the difference between trusting the value and preserving it? 


from "qos trust" command documentation:


Trust 802.1p priority and preserve DSCP or IP-ToS.

Trust IP-ToS Differentiated-Services in IP packets, and use the DSCP-MAP to remark the 802.1p priority. If the DSCP codepoint does not have an associated 802.1p priority, the priority will be remarked to 0.

Trust IP-ToS IP-Precedence mode in IP packets and remark the 802.1p priority.

Do not trust either the 802.1p priority or the IP-ToS values.

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