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Aruba OS for 7200 controllers



My network is made up 2 6000 controllers with M3 and other 2 6000 controllers with SC1, I'm going to replace 2 controllers (SC1) for 2 new 7200 controllers, the question is:


What's the minimum Aruba OS supported by 7200 controllers?.


I'm currently running OS, so what path should I follow to upgrade??


Thank you

Re: Aruba OS for 7200 controllers

The min is 6.2 but I would recommend our latest 6.3 code.

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Re: Aruba OS for 7200 controllers

You'll want to upgrade to then to 6.2.


6.2 is supported on 72x0, M3, 3x00, and the 600 series controllers.



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Re: Aruba OS for 7200 controllers

The SC1 do not support 6.X code. That likely prevents them from upgrading their existing infrastructure to 6.X.

Bruce Osborne - Wireless Engineer

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Re: Aruba OS for 7200 controllers

Yes, you are right.


Due to it, we are planning upgrade to 2 7200 ( replacement of 6000 with SC1), but the problem is that 7200 come with Aruba OS 6.x (minimum) and our network run AOS 5.0.3.


So, the upgrade should be


1.- upgrade our network to

2.- upgrade to 6.x, taking out our SC1 controllers.

3.- install the new 7200 with 6.x

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