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Aruba OS

Hey Team, I have a 7200 Controller (Master and Local)  running and ClearPass which is currently at  What code versions are being recommended for both CP and Controllers? I am not sure i want to move to 8.0 code yet.  But will consider if there is good argument for it :)


*I am wanting to implement profiling with CP.


If there is a link that has a compatibility matrix of the Code versions with bug documentation that would be greatly appreciated too. 


Thanks for you help in advance!!


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Re: Aruba OS

My rule for any updates: Unless you have pressing issue like bugs or hardware support, do not jump in but wait and see at the first major “dot 0” version, like CPPM 6.7.0; Go to the highest available of your current version, like CPPM 6.6.10, same thing for AOS.
I don’t think the compatibility matrix for CPPM to AOS exists because CPPM works with multiple vendors, not just Aruba. I have used CPPM profiling since AOS 5 or even earlier with no issues. Don’t forget to read the release note and caveats which are not too long, and it is conveniently link in the software download page.

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