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Aruba Performance and troubleshooting Recommendations

Hi, a customer just deployed a new aruba network with 7030 controllers and AP325 waps. They are asking why the average client speed is 300mb when aruba adverstises speed up to a gig. Im looking for someone to provide a good explaination on that please? 


Additionally, I would like to learn how to better understand all the graphs and issues in the controller dash board. Things like client health, SNR, goodput etc. A cheat sheet that can explain what are good/bad values? 


any any other recomemdnations for tuning a wireless network like above to get best performance. Thxs 

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Re: Aruba Performance and troubleshooting Recommendations

The ins and outs of potential speed vs. real-world speed is here:  https://www.intel.com/content/dam/www/public/us/en/documents/pdf/next-gen-80211ac-wifi-for-dummies.pdf


On the dashboard, there is a help button in the upper right hand corner.  Click on it and hover over each term for an explanation.

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Re: Aruba Performance and troubleshooting Recommendations

Hi, try to review the channel width (20-40-80) depends the band you use, and the clients network cards (1x1:1 or 2x2:2,..) and the band you use 2,4gb or 5gb, test it, good luck.

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