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Aruba RAP-2WG - Configuring wired access via eth1

I've got 15 Aruba RAP-2WG's deployed and working great for my home users via WIFI. They can connect to the "Corporate" SSID and work as if they were locally connected.


We are deploying VDI terminals and included in the project scope is the ability to connect remotely from home via the VDI terminal using the RAP eth1 wired port but I am NOT getting a valid IP address from this interface.


I used the following document to configure on particular RAP with a new profile so I could test it without affecting the other 15 RAP users:




Can someone who has configured port eth1 to support a wired connection on a RAP assist me with the configuration or troubleshooting steps?

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Re: Aruba RAP-2WG - Configuring wired access via eth1

In the same ap-group that your RAPs are in:


In the wired AP profile, make the forward mode tunnel, make sure trusted is checked, switchport mode is access and make the VLAN the one you want your devices to be on:


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Re: Aruba RAP-2WG - Configuring wired access via eth1

cjoseph - I owe you a lunch! Thank you :smileywink:

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