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Aruba RAP split-tunnel configuration customer printer NAT on RAP E0 port back to controller VLAN

We are looking at using RAPs to overcome printing issues for some of our customers.


We have a RAP configured so that it bridges a VLAN between the head office and the customer location on port E1.


We are looking for advise on a split-tunnel configuration that would allow us to leave a customers printer on its existing IP address, but that would also allow us to use a different IP address (through NAT) to address the printer on the bridged VLAN on the head office network.


All examples we have found of split-tunnel configurations rely upon separate vlans/subnets on the customers networks and then route src-nat to allow these to connect externally, but this is not what is required in this case.


All advise and comments would be much appreciated.


Thanks in advance,



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