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Aruba Support Portal - FAQ

Wanna get up to speed on the new Aruba Support Portal (ASP)? Check out everything below. If you have any other questions let us know.

Onboarding Experience

Find out how easy it is to on-board to the new ASP!

Onboarding Error Messages

A few tips about any error messages during on-boarding.

Get comfortable finding your way around ASP.

Case Management Portal

Learn simple ways to file and manage cases using the new Aruba Case Management.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the new Aruba Support Portal (ASP)?

Aruba Support Portal (ASP) is the new premier online support portal for Aruba customers. It features an intuitive design and is a portal engineered from the ground up with ease-of-use in mind. It provides powerful capabilities such as licensing and asset management, software and document downloads, and enhancements to Aruba Case Management and the Aruba Innovation Zone.

Why are we replacing My Networking Portal (MNP) with the new Aruba Support Portal (ASP) for Aruba Customers?

A significant number of Aruba customers have reported that MNP does not meet all their needs, or that it takes significantly more time to perform operations using MNP than the former Aruba Portal prior to the Single Operating Model (SOM) integration.

Did you just put the old Aruba Portal back in place?

No. However, we have leveraged some of the previous design, including the look and feel of the original Aruba Portal. We have refreshed the underlying architecture and improved all capabilities of the original portal and added some new features that allow the portal to function effectively with HPE systems.

When will the new Aruba Support Portal be available to Customers?

The Aruba Support Portal (ASP) is available from February 5, 2018 onwards, with Aruba customers being invited to on-board onto the new portal in a gradual, phased manner. Capabilities such as Aruba Case Management (ACM) have been available since October 2017 and can be used by Aruba customers even before on-boarding onto the new ASP.

What are the supported browsers for using ASP?

The following browsers are supported by the ASP:

  • Chrome - Version 63.0.3239.84 or higher
  • Safari - Version 11.0.2 (13604. or higher
  • Firefox - 57.0.1 (64-bit) or higher

Why is the Internet Explorer (IE) browser NOT supported?

Internet Explorer is not compatible with all the newer technologies used in ASP, so Internet Explorer is not supported. Microsoft Edge does work well with ASP, with the exception of the following Microsoft bug, for which a fix is not yet publicly available: https://developer.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoft-edge/platform/issues/4326792/

As a networking partner for Aruba, could I onboard and use ASP?

Yes, starting October 1, 2018, networking partners can onboard to ASP. The process to onboard as a networking partner is simple:

  • Send an email to asp-access@hpe.com requesting access to ASP. The onboarding team will review your data prior to the move, confirm the data is accurate and then clear your account for onboarding.
  • Once cleared for onboarding, you will need log in to ASP and go through a brief onboarding process.
    Important: When you log in, select the “Partner Ready Portal user” link to sign in. Otherwise, you will not be able to access partner privileges, such as the ability to create evaluation licenses or access all software and documents.

For additional information on onboarding, please watch the helpful video in the “More Information” section of ASP.

Do customers still have to use MNP?

Customers who are not on-boarded to ASP can continue to use MNP until they migrate their account to the new ASP. The move to ASP from MNP will occur in two steps: user on-boarding, and the migration of licenses and assets. Once both steps have occurred, ASP becomes your home portal for all your support portal needs for Aruba products. MNP will still be available but only for read-only access for Aruba products.

Will MNP eventually be retired?

MNP is currently used for other non-Aruba branded HPE products so there are no definitive plans, at this time, to retire MNP.

What are the products supported in the new Aruba Support Portal (v1.0)?

For the first version of the Aruba Support Portal, ONLY Aruba-branded Wireless and Switching products are supported. Legacy networking products may be supported in future versions. Decisions on timing to support new Aruba products such as Office Connect are under way. This portal is NOT a place to find details for HPE servers or storage product lines.

Will the Aruba Support Portal be available for Customers with Aruba-branded Switches?

Yes! We plan to have the Aruba Support Portal be the premier online support experience for all Aruba customers and will transition Aruba-branded switching products from MNP to ASP as well.

What about Customers that also have Datacenter, Storage or Server products? Can we use this Portal also?

Initially, the Aruba Support Portal will only include support for Aruba-branded products. However, as we develop this best-in-class solution, there may be future opportunities to expand the types of products supported by the portal

Datacenter networking customers will continue to use MNP, and storage & server customers typically use the HPE Support Center (HPESC) Portal.

How will Aruba customers be migrated from MNP to ASP? All at once, or gradually?

Unlike the rapid migration of customers to the Single Operating Model (SOM) in November.2016, we plan a gradual and phased migration of customers in several “waves”, starting with an early access set of customers in AMS region in February, followed by migration activity during March/April also in AMS region. In June, we are targeting global access and expect to migrate all customers at that time. If any customer wishes to be considered for migration sooner, they are welcome to email us at asp-access@hpe.com.

What is the impact to customers who are not migrated to ASP in the “first wave”?

There is absolutely no impact. These customers will continue to use MNP as usual until they are invited to migrate to ASP.

Will legacy support portal (http://support.arubanetworks.com) get retired after ASP goes live?

No, the legacy support portal will continue to be up and running, until later in the year. Only after all migrations to ASP have completed successfully, will it be retired.

Will MNP for Aruba product licenses be still available even after on-boarding to ASP?

If an account has not yet on-boarded to ASP, MNP will still be available for Aruba product licenses. After an account has been on-boarded to ASP, and after the licenses and assets of that account have been migrated successfully, then ASP becomes the new home for the account, and MNP can no longer be used for Aruba product licenses for that account.

Will customers have the opportunity to provide input on the future development of the Aruba Support Portal?

Yes! We have incorporated significant feedback from numerous customers into the design.

We welcome feedback and suggestions from customers about Aruba Support Portal via submissions to the Aruba Innovation Zone (AIZ), or emails to asp-feedback@hpe.com. Note: AIZ will be available to customers only after on-boarding to ASP.

When will help documents and videos be available for customers, and where will be they be posted?

Information, and training materials (including FAQ documents and videos) are expected to be available by early April to assist in the on-boarding of customers in the second and third waves of the on-boarding process. They will be available in the More Info section of the ASP home page.

How can I easily search for software and documents in the new ASP?

The new portal supports multiple selections on all filters, which means you can select more than one product, series, version, etc. On all filters, once you position the cursor on a field or start typing you will see a dropdown of matching values.

Why am I not able to find older versions of software in the new ASP?

The new portal supports the latest and most relevant versions of software. Older versions of software, if needed, can still be downloaded from Aruba Support Center (ASC).

When I am looking at software and document downloads, what do the two icons alongside the software or documents represent?

One of the icons represents release notes, the other indicates whether you are entitled to download the software or document. If the entitlement icon is grayed out, you will not be able to download the software or document. See examples in screenshot below.

How can I entitle my account on ASP?

You can entitle your account on ASP by registering a valid contract with Aruba. To register a contract, click on the menu (looks like 3 bars) on top left area of the portal, navigate to “My Primary Account”, then click on the account name to get into “Account Details” and the contracts area, where you can add a contract.

How do I access the top-level menu on the ASP?

Simply click on the top left corner of the portal, where you see the icon that looks like 3 horizontal bars. The top-level menu will appear once click that icon and you can now further navigate into different sections of the top-level menu, such as your profile, accounts, etc. Screenshot above illustrates a top-level menu on the ASP.

Why are not legacy HPN Products available on ASP?

This relates to the differentiation of products and support experiences in ASP. The legacy HPN products will still be available on MNP with a similar Data Center Networking (DCN) product set.

Why are only certain customers allowed to onboard?

Due to significant considerations relating to data quality for migrating accounts, we have to review your data on MNP first. Also, the phased on-boarding focuses on the AMS region in our first wave and will be followed by other regions in next few months.

Why is the ASP URL (asp.arubanetworks.com) restricted access at this time?

The restriction is in place to ensure that customers cannot migrate without an assessment of their assets in MNP.

How do I get myself on the list for priority on-boarding?

Please email us at asp-access@hpe.com and we will reach out to you after reviewing data readiness for the on-boarding.

How can I get help on ASP if I am facing issues or need to send feedback?

Please send us an email at asp-feedback@hpe.com. For any critical issues (or help with migration) use: asp-escalations@hpe.com.

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