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Aruba Wireless Controller - Mode, Location and DHCP Problem

Hi Everyone,


Seeking some advice on my Aruba deployment.

1. My controller (Aruba 7024) is sitting in the data centre that has a 1Gbps Metro-E connection to local office.

2. AP225 configured as Bridge-Mode works fine, however when it is configured as a tunneled AP (recommended by Aruba) does not dish-out DHCP.

3. If my AP is configured as tunneled I understand that all the traffic will pass through the controller, however the question is where will the traffic exit? Will it go all the way to controller and go back through Metro-E and exit locally or exit data centre side?


What is the recommended setup here? How do I get it working without a local controller on site?


Best Regards,


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Re: Aruba Wireless Controller - Mode, Location and DHCP Problem

You say it's configured as bridge and then tunnel. Which one is it?

With tunnel, all traffic is sent back to the controller.

With bridge, traffic is switched out locally at the AP.


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Re: Aruba Wireless Controller - Mode, Location and DHCP Problem



It depends on multiple things, user VLAN and default route in the controller. when you bring up SSID in tunnel mode, whole user traffic will go and hit the controller on the user VLAN, if helper address is configured on the user VLAN client will get the IP and ensure that the DHCP is reachable from the controller.


In bridge mode user traffic will not reach the controller, AP will bridge the traffic to the AP uplink device, if the uplink device is configured properly client will get IP.


Please feel free for any further query on this.

Venu Puduchery,
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