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Aruba Wireless Learning path?


I am a network architect and am trying to develop my skills in Aruba Wireless networks. I am conversant with the Cisco wireless networks and have tried to go through the documentation available in this community (which is quite huge).


I need your suggestions on the topics I should start exploring. What shall be my learning path?


Re: Aruba Wireless Learning path?

Are you trying to learn strictly from documentation or do you have some hardware to play with?


If you seriously want to learn the products I would advice getting a controller to play with. Manuals are great and all, but only go sofar.


If you do have a controller, start from the beginning.. run some wizards and figure out what they did config wise. If anything is unclear, then open the manuals (or come back here).

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Re: Aruba Wireless Learning path?

I do have access to a controller/Airwave/APs, but I wonder if there is (or if there are plans to create) a way for a learner to create a virtual lab? I don't want my learning to wreak havoc with our end users... 


Something like testout.com:


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