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Aruba Wireless Network Issues (Lost)

We currently run Aruba Wireless on Campus. Running an Aruba 7220 wireless controller. We keep getting reports of people saying that are having major connectivity issues between 10pm and 1am every night. Sometimes they are even kicked completely off the Wi-Fi and others they have no bandwidth (0.05 down). I am at a loss, this issue does not present itself during the day. Does anyone with Aruba knowledge have any idea where I can even start looking into this? We do have Airwave and the AP that these people connect to are AP105s.



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Re: Aruba Wireless Network Issues (Lost)

Could be a whole host of reasons as to why this is occurring and you maybe best speaking to TAC in the first instance. What troubleshooting have you completed so far? What is occurring within your network between those times?


Depending on if the SSID is 'lost' verses poor speeds can lead to different troubleshooting methods.


In the first case, check the GUI or logs to confirm all APs are up and broadcasting. The at the same time, check the client logs, health and traffic.


If you review your AirWave data, this will provide a historical view as to what is occurring in your network in the given time frame.

If my post addresses your query, give kudos:)
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