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Aruba controller License transfer



If I will transfer the old controller license to new controller, when I click transfer in the web portal, the license will transfer to the new one immediately? And the old controller cannot work at the time?

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Re: Aruba controller License transfer

Is this for an RMA'ed controller?

If so, you will need to apply the new license code to the new controller.

Tim Cappalli | Aruba Security
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Re: Aruba controller License transfer

Call support and they would be able to provide a temp licence and this way you would have both working at the same time - thus minimizing the down time during the transfer of the licences.

Still the support agent will be able after to help you with the trasfer of licences.

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Re: Aruba controller License transfer

no, we buy a new license, we need to change new license to old controller, and the old license transfer to new controller. will have a temp license to the old controller when the transfer processing.

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Re: Aruba controller License transfer

By the way why you want to swap the licenses on controller?

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