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Aruba ping <target> source command



I want to make sure that I am using this command correctly.  I have setup 2 controllers with internal corporate wireless networks.


Now I must setup Guest Wireless networks that puish internet traffic to our Internt Only network.  So the controller originally had 1 internface to our corporate VLans.  Now I have created a Internet Only VLan on the Controller and assigned an Internet Only (DMZ) IP address to that Specific DMZ VLan.


I have assigned the internet only Vlan to a specific Port on the controller and cabled up that port to the Internet only VLan.  I can now ping different devices on the Internet Only Vlan and other Internet only devices can ping the assigned Internet Only IP address of that controller.


The controller was setup originally with the default gateway of an internal VLan.  I can ping godaddy.com and google dns just fine from that internal vlan.  But if I add a 2nd Default Gateway (Internet Only Def. Gtwy) and increase the cost of that 2nd Gtwy to 2 and attempt, from the controller:


> ping source <VLan ID - Internet Only><enter>


I see time outs.  If I ping without the source command it uses the internal gateway not the INternet Only Gateway and the ings and traceroute work.


My question is, if I am using the ping source command correctly to test?


The Internal gateway has a cost of 0 and the DMZ GAteway has a cost of 2.


My intention is to setup new controllers and make sure our corporate wireless network work.  Initially the contorllers are setup with an Internal 

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Re: Aruba ping <target> source command

I am not concerned about the internal routing because I have static routing in place for that.


I am concerned about getting the controller to communicate with the outside world through the Internet only VLan.


Does >ping godaddy.com source <VLan_ID#><enter>

work for this test? 

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Re: Aruba ping <target> source command

It appears that ping and source did not work until I changed the cost of the original default gateway to be higher than the Internet Only Gateway.


Then everything worked the  way we want it to.  To push intenret traffic through internet only VLan.

Weird, I would think the entire reason for the "ping godaddy.com source ID" command is to test a ping from a different VLan source than what the default gateway is using.


Can anyone elxplain or has anyone used that?  I think I have used that for other locations but it has been a little while.


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