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ArubaOS 6 with Aruba AP 303 support

Hello, my client have a questions?

Can someone can help me to answer these questions?


Does Aruba or coming new verion of AOS 6.x will support AP 303?

The link below do not contain my required information :(




Does ArubaOS 6.X will be still deployed for at least next 5 years? Or it is going to be depricated over 5 years and master-controllers architecture will be depricated? If master-controllers architecture will be depricated with ArubaOS 6 could we still user this architecture with ArubaOS 8, without mobility master, because my client is to small for  full ArubaOS 8 architecture deployment :(


Do new coming Aruba APs will still support ArubaOS 6.x?


Can someone add link to Aruba AP matrix with supported ArubaOS 6 ArubaOS 8 firmware versions (2018-2019 years) ?

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Re: ArubaOS 6 with Aruba AP 303 support

The AP-303 minimum software version is

ArubaOS 6.x will not support the AP-303


Screenshot 2019-01-29 at 16.35.40.png

You can run controllers as "standalone" without an MM on ArubaOS and that will support the AP-303.  I don't believe that any of the upcoming access points will be supported by ArubaOS 6.x

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