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ArubaOS 8.0.1 VMC Standalone, DHCP problem.



I am having problem with VMC on vmware. Clients can't get IP address from DHCP but if I give them static IP addesses it works.


Long story: I converted one of our IAP-135 to CAP and deployed WMC on vmware to evaluate new ArubaOS 8. I created a test WLAN with 802.1x authentication. I use builtin "authenticated" role and vlan 20 for this test WLAN. Everything seems to work except dhcp. I use our corporate dhcp server. I use IP helper on the router for vlan 20.


I did packet capture on dhcp server. I can see that DHCP DISCOVER packets reach to dhcp server from routers relay ip and dhcp server sents DHCP OFFER packets back to router. I also hooked a VM to same port group on vswitch that VMC uses and do packet capture on it. So I see DHCP OFFER packets reach back to VMC. But If I do packet capture on the client I don't see any OFFER packet. I also did a packet capture on controller with "packet-capture datapath wifi-client <mac adress> " and there is no OFFER packets on this capture too.


So It seems that the dhcp server reply packets reach to VMC but not reach to clients. What should be the problem?





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