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ArubaOS 8 AP Specific Settings

Hi all,


I recently deployed 2xMMs with 4xMDs running I cannot find how to do a specific settings such as spesific radio profile, virtual ap including/excluding. Can you kindly make me navigate these settings.

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Re: ArubaOS 8 AP Specific Settings

Hi emreaydin,


The global profiles are stored in Configuration->System then Profiles Tab.  Under that tab, Radio settings for each profile are in RF Management, Virtual AP settings are under Wireless LAN.1.jpg





If you're looking to change profiles per AP-group, make sure "Show advanced profiles" is enabled.  Just click username in top right->Preferences (There may be a bug in 8.3 that requires you to be in Configuration section to see "Preferences".)  


 A new tab will appear on the far right in Configuration->AP Groups after you click your AP group which will show you profiles affecting this group. 3.jpg




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Re: ArubaOS 8 AP Specific Settings

Hi Escaloni,


Thanks for reply! I see what you are talking about. I use those all already. But the profiles you showed affect their group.

I am looking for AP specific configuration. As you remember, In os 6, If you do any spesific config for an AP, this setting override AP's group setting.

Thanks in advance.

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Re: ArubaOS 8 AP Specific Settings



I actually joined the Aruba train on ArubsOS 8 a little over a year ago, so never saw what changes there were between it and OS 6.  


I will say in all that time, I haven't seen any profiles for specific AP overrides. I believe APs are relying on ARM & airmatch to make adjustments, and you just tweak the profiles for the group.   


From my experience, the only options would be to place the single AP into it's own group, tweak the advanced settings of the ARM profile of the group for 5 & 2.4 bands (Attached guide), or use 'airmatch ap freeze' command on the controllers cli to make changes to band/channel/eirp/lms.  This doesn't show up as being overriden in the GUI, so I'd take caution in utilizing this method.



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Re: ArubaOS 8 AP Specific Settings

I don’t see the way to do this in GUI like in AOS 6, but you can do this in cli:

Example to change one AP system profile in /md/LAB/LAB7005 controller:

(MM) *[mynode] #cd ?
LAB7005                 Alias for /md/LAB/20:4c:03:03:xx:zz
PROD1         Alias for /md/PROD/00:1a:1e:02:xx:zz
<node-path>             Path of config node

(MM) *[mynode] #cd LAB7005
(MM) *[20:4c:03:03:xx:zz] #configure t
Enter Configuration commands, one per line. End with CNTL/Z

(MM) *[20:4c:03:03:xx:zz] (config) #ap-name d8:c7:c8:c9:xx:zz 
(MM) ^*[20:4c:03:03:xx:zz] (config) #ap-name d8:c7:c8:c9:xx:zz
(MM) ^*[20:4c:03:03:xx:zz] (AP name "d8:c7:c8:c9:xx:zz") #ap-system-profile NoAuthApSystem
(MM) ^*[20:4c:03:03:xx:zz] (AP name "d8:c7:c8:c9:xx:zz") #exit
(MM) ^*[20:4c:03:03:xx:zz] (config) #exit
(MM) ^*[20:4c:03:03:xx:zz] #write m

Saving Configuration...

 Logon to controller LAB7005:

(LAB7005) #show ap-name d8:c7:c8:c9:xx:zz

AP name "d8:c7:c8:c9:xx:zz"
Parameter                                Value
---------                                -----
Virtual AP                               N/A
Excluded Virtual AP                      N/A
802.11a radio profile                    N/A
802.11g radio profile                    N/A
Ethernet interface 0 port configuration  N/A
Ethernet interface 1 port configuration  N/A
Ethernet interface 2 port configuration  N/A
Ethernet interface 3 port configuration  N/A
Ethernet interface 4 port configuration  N/A
AP system profile                        NoAuthApSystem
AP multizone profile                     N/A
802.11a Traffic Management profile       N/A
802.11g Traffic Management profile       N/A
Regulatory Domain profile                N/A
RF Optimization profile                  N/A
RF Event Thresholds profile              N/A
IDS profile                              N/A
Mesh Radio profile                       N/A
Mesh Cluster profile                     N/A
Excluded Mesh Cluster profile            N/A
AP authorization profile                 N/A
(LAB7005) #
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Re: ArubaOS 8 AP Specific Settings

This will be disappontment for some people for sure :) But aos 8 is worth it, I think. Anyway, thanks for answer!


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