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ArubaOS: Are references to the RF-Plan database obsolete?

I think there is corruption in our WMS database (we are using on a master controller with four local controllers).  It's OK if there is, we hadn't been using it for anything much, but now we would like to start using it and we want a clean starting point.  So it looks like we want to use "wms clean-db", "write mem", "reload."  HOWEVER, there are also references in other articles to "wms reinit-db."  Reinit-db appears to call "wms clean-db" and then also wipe something called the "RF-Plan database."  I have VisualRF on my AirWave servers, but on my Controllers I know of no such RF-Plan database.  So exactly what is the difference between clean-db and reinit-db?  Does reinit-db do anything other than wipe the WMS database?   Is there any reason why I would not want to run it?  Are references to a "RF-Plan" database on 6.4 Controllers obsolete?


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