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ArubaOS Layer 3 Gateway on LMS2

I have a standalone Aruba 3600 controller which all of our RAP-5s and RAP-155s connect up to.  The profile we push to the RAPs defines the controller as LMS1 and also has multiple VLANs configured on it for various uses such as wirelss, printing, guest, etc which that controller handles the Layer 3 addressing for. 


I now want to configure a second 3600 controller for failover in a master/local environment and just define it on the profile as LMS2.  The only question is the gateway of those VLANs.  If for example, I currently have a statically (or DHCP) assigned printer connected to a RAP with an IP of and a gateway of which is defined on LMS1 and that controller fails, the profile will tell the RAP to point to LMS2.  Now we have a printer with an IP of with no gateway to go to.  What do we configure on the second controller?


We do not want to configure VRRP.

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Re: ArubaOS Layer 3 Gateway on LMS2

If you have a device with those constraints, the backup controller must put that device on the same layer 2 vlan.  The default gateway cannot be the controller, but another device upstream that would be common to both controllers on the same layer 2 vlan of the printer.

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Re: ArubaOS Layer 3 Gateway on LMS2

It looks like we are going to have to reconsider VRRP, however my question is still the Layer 3. How is it configured redundant controller?  Do I configure the same VLAN IP address for the printer network on both controllers and it just sits inactive until the primary controller fails?

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Re: ArubaOS Layer 3 Gateway on LMS2

VRRP adds a virtual third IP, which "lives" on the actice devices.

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