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ArubaOS User-Name Case-Sensitivity User-Table

I discovered that the user-name is case-sensitive in ArubaOS when performing a show user-name <student> will not return a user if they authenticated as STUDENT. This also breaks Airgroup since the student logged in and registered with "student" as the user-name. Is this working as intended? Quick workaround I did for the first I received was adding "STUDENT" as a shared device. I could have sworn had tested case-sensitivity in Airgroup - but must have only accounted for Anonymous Identity breaking Airgroup in our initial testing.

Aruba Employee

Re: ArubaOS User-Name Case-Sensitivity User-Table

Looks like a bug. Please raise a TAC case.
Rajaguru Vincent

Re: ArubaOS User-Name Case-Sensitivity User-Table

Thanks Rajaguru,


Looks like the same behavior in my test lab - ArubaOS as well. Opening a TAC Case now. Thank you!

Re: ArubaOS User-Name Case-Sensitivity User-Table

Update - Although the user-name is still case sensitive on the controller - ArubaOS has removed case-sensitivity for AirGroup and resolved the issue that was affecting our students that brought this issue into light ("student" couldn't discover devices registered in ClearPass by STUDENT/STUdent/etc).



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