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ArubaOS VMC 8.0.1 error associating VLAN with physical port of VMWare.

Hello friends.


We are having quite a problem in our lab. We have a server with 2 NIC's (vmnic0 and vmnic1), one is attached to vSwitch0 and the other attached to vSwitch1. Vmnic0 is associated with vlan 1 (native) and vmnic1 is associated with vlan 10 as you can see in the diagram.

So... I've created vlan's and attached ip's over Aruba. Then associated the vlan to each interface. This is, vlan 1 towards GE 0/0/0 and vlan 10 towards GE 0/0/1. Now, when I type "show interface GE 0/0/0", "show interface GE 0/0/1", "show interface vlan 1" and "show interface vlan 10", the MAC address of each interface is the same for both vlans when vlan 10 should have same MAC address that GE 0/0/1. 

Please, we need help over this issue because it is mandatory for our client to have 2 physical interfaces.


Thank you very much.

If you need further information, please, let me know.


Regards, Gonzalo.

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