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Association To Honeypot AP


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Does anybody what does this entry on security logs mean ? 


Nov 11 17:41:40 :126075: <WARN> |wms| |ids| AP(00:0b:86:07:xx:xx@AP1): Valid Client Misassociation: An AP detected a misassociation between valid client b4:ce:f6:42:xx:xx and access point (BSSID 64:d8:14:b2:xx:xx and SSID SSID-Name on CHANNEL 11). Association type is (Association To Honeypot AP), SNR of client is 0.


Running AOS Version


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Re: Association To Honeypot AP

Maybe the client moved to an invalid SSID after being on a Valid SSID (one managed by the controller) and the controller stood up a honeypot to capture said client, or maybe there is a spoofed AP nearby that the client moved to and the controller moved it back to a honeypot SSID? Hard to know for sure without more info, but you could open a TAC case to have them investigate. If you are using WIDS and have enabled any client protection, that is likely the reason.

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