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Audit WLC Cisco



Can I extract the configuration of a WLC (Cisco) in mode text? I can get with configuration of AP


I attached an image.









Re: Audit WLC Cisco

AMP entries for WLC (and by extension LWAPPs) are not kept in template format since the settings are maintained using SNMP set commands.  To use an existing config on another WLC, you'd want to move the WLC into the same group as the existing desired config, and then put that WLC into management state -> pushing the desired config to the WLC.  For an LWAPP AP, the only settable items beyond the WLC config are in the AP's manage page.  So to push LWAPP settings, you'd manually update the AP's manage page, then set the AP to management mode to update the radio settings.


The text base templates for Cisco devices are for IOS and switches only.

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