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Auditorium deployment question


I have got a quetion regarding the auditoirum scenario for hotels.


Most of the hotels here offers clients an auditorium of 500 users.


But they would just offer them internet, and thats it.


let say we have 500 seats, internet of let say 100Mbs


And the requirement they are asking me are 100kbps per device...

This would mean really little BW per devive...


I bealive this would mean a way more APS... i have seem on the cases of study of Aruba for example Educase, and that kind of thing.


Im supposing for that kind of scenario maybe just use the max number of user per AP which is 255... in this case that would be like 5 APS... Now an AP 135 with 255 users would do just fine? i mean if those are the requirements? not even 1mb... i mean if they ask you 100kbps per deivce.... as they just use that for internet...


I always wonder this... because they do not use this to stream HD video or anything... this type of client just use it to give the guest of the events internet and thats it...


Any opinion regarding this??




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Re: Auditorium deployment question



You should read our High Density Auditoriums VRD if you haven't seen it.


500 seats is actually quite small as these rooms go.  


For this small a space, I recommend using the same client count for both associated users and concurrent users.  We advise 50 concurrent users per radio, which is 100 for a dual-radio AP.   


So assuming even distribution of 2.4G and 5G clients, you need 5 APs.   5 * 100 = 500 users.


Now as far as capacity, you will want to run HT20 channels.  In 5GHz you wont have any channel reuse.  Say you are on 149, 153, 157, 161 and 165.


In 2.4GHz you will be reusing 2 channels.   Say 1, 6, 11, 1 and 6.


In 5GHz, an HT20 channel does about 80-90Mbps TCP for a 2SS device and 40-50Mbps TCP for a 1SS device.  Using 50Mbps as an intermediate value, for 50 users, thats 1Mbps per user.


In 2.4GHz it will be half that on channels 1 and 6 since they are reused (e.g. each channel has 100 users not 50 users). 





Re: Auditorium deployment question

Hello Mr Lukas!
I have read the VRD
Bht mh questionwas regarding an enviroment in which the users will just use internet. And they actually just got arou.d 100 to 150 mbs of internet... So there is no way they can use 1mbs per device! For the.events they dont have more than 100mbs of internet.

I,do understand what you mean but i was referring to this specific scenario were you dot even need 1mb per device... Internet speed here are not the same than internet speed of the uninited state...

Guess i can go with the numbers you mentioning though but well i m also concenr in the issue i would have on the 2.4ghz... Let say i put 20 aps... And the only place i can put the aps are on the ceiling it just a big empty room in when there is an event, they fill it with chairs tables and all that....
I think i would need to put on air monitor or turn off some bgn radios... To help with the co chnnel interference on 2.4 ghz...

Infact the one im lookibg right now its something similar but its a room for 1000 users which menas 2000 possible devices...
the only place you can put the aps are on the cealing... Do youturn off some of the bgn radios on some aps to help with the co channel.interference??? Do yoilu think is a good idea? Or is it a bad idea?? I can always also set the output power of the ap lower but still... maybe that wont help that much on an enviroment with soo many aps.. On,the 5 ghz im not woried thought.. The other interesting thing to.mention is that when i did a field inspection.. On the 2.4 ghz channels there was a 80 percent of channel utilization, on channel 11 and 6... The client said that it could be some aps they got for something elseon the floor below... But i could see soo many aps inthose channels that im not that sure....
Band steeri.g will play a really important role in there..

Any other recommendation or thoughs Mr. Lukas? :)

Sorry for the gramatical errors... Im posting from my celphone which increase my grammaticals errors :)

Project engineer
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