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Authentication request times out.


  I do have an existing Aruba setup of master-local in CA, now we are adding a new site at a different location, MD, with a single local controller. Everything went smooth EXCEPT the authentication requist from the MD local controller times out. I do have the master controller added as a client in the RADUIS server from the previous setup. Do have have to add the new MD local controller as well? What is the best practice in this case? I read something about NAS IP, how to configure it in this case? 

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Re: Authentication request times out.

Radius requests source from the controller that the access point is on.  You do need to have the ip address of the local controller on the radius server as a radius client, otherwise the radius server would ignore it.


Changing the NAS ip does not change the source ip address of the radius packet and would not help here.

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Re: Authentication request times out.

I just wanted to make sure. thanks

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